Victoria from Ugly Ducking to Beautiful Swan.

shabby chic furniture, decoupage furniture, commissions
From ugly duckling to beautiful swan

The story of – Victoria the ugly duckling.  Let me take you on her journey from ugly duckling to beautiful swan.When Victoria arrived she was not a pretty picture she had a damaged back, no shelf and was not the prettiest shade of brown.

Having undergone extensive surgery:

v  Stripped, hand painted and waxed followed by

v  A face lift, which unfortunately did require the use of a scalpel to ensure a tidy finish, then  a couple of coats of varnish applied to seal and guarantee longevity

v  Then a new back fitted

v  And finally new shelves that were carefully lined with Laura Ashley paper.

So with love, care and a little help from My Little Vintage Attic, who provided the Autentico Antique White paint, wax and her beautiful paper.  Victoria.…… The Swan was born.

Victoria has been sold I was sad to see her go, we have been on a fascinating journey.

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