Update on Activities and Stock Levels

We have recently moved and unfortunately my treasure hunting and upcycling activities have been taking a back seat.  We have been out today to http://www.notcutts.co.uk/ looking at summerhouses to create an nice workshop space. I would love a Sheppard’s  Hut, Suffolk Shepherds Huts have some beautiful ones available ~

Shepherds Hut
Shepherds Hut from http://www.suffolkshepherdhuts.co.uk/

http://www.suffolkshepherdhuts.co.uk/ , but sadly Steve isn’t that keen and on a practical level I am sure I would have a lot more space in a summer house, I also wouldn’t fancy carrying furniture up and down the steps.   Our current favourite is The Denver from Johnson’s http://www.johnsonsgardenbuildings.co.uk/details.php?id=9&title=Denver , I would love The Homestead, but perhaps it is a little on the large size it’s a big as our current down stairs space!

Denver Summerhouse, Johnsons summer house
http://www.johnsonsgardenbuildings.co.uk/ ~ The Denver Summerhouse

Amongst the excitement of moving and ‘Workshop’ hunting I have managed to find some nice pieces.  Unfortunately I haven’t had time to do much in the wait of upcycling or painting but do have a little stock available for commission;

  • Oval (extending) Dining table and 6 chairs with Queen Anne legs
  • Pretty bureau with Queen Anne legs and ornate handles
  • A large Dresser
  • Pine table and chairs

Photos of stock to follow.

Charlotte x

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