Shabby Chic Style Bank Holiday Party

As I look outside on the wind and rain and contemplate putting the heating on I realise how very lucky we were at the weekend.  Taking a bit of a gamble we decided to hold a BBQ party on the May Bank Holiday weekend.   We had a very apprehensive few hours Saturday morning as we put the finishing touches to the garden in the rain and started to prepare the food. To our great relief, at noon, the sun broke through the grey and continued to shine all day.  Who would have thought we would have been providing suncream alongside the food and wine.  What a fantastic if not a little unexpected surprise.

We choose a Shabby Chic setting for the party (what else? I hear you ask).  As the party was likely to go on late into the evening, with some friends even camping in the garden, we thought a snug area would be a good idea for when the sun went down.

I have had to put my paint brush down for a few days but have kept myself busy making; bunting, covers for the straw bales, signs, candle holders and ashtrays, all to help create the shabby chic feel.

Following the party I have taken some orders for bunting for friends and am looking to make a range that will be available from  Friends were impressed with the quality of the bunting.  It is all machine sewn with a backing fabric, not a single piece of fabric with pinking sheared edges that fray and deteriorate over time.

I enjoyed creating the space so much I am keen to investigate the viability of extending the experience to others in Kent, developing a shabby chic party hire service.

I’m not sure if that idea has legs, I would love to hear from anyone with any ideas, comments or feedback.

Shabby Chic Garden Party
Shabby Chic Garden Party

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